Corporate Responsibility

Globalization is defined as the worldwide movement toward economic, financial trade and communications integration.

Social responsibility is defined as the obligation of a company's management towards the welfare and culture of the society in which they operate. As per the ISO26000 standards, the health of an organization's relationship with the society and culture in which their company resides is essential to their ability to operate efficiently.

At a corporate level, globalization and social responsibility are intrinsically combined. The reduction of international barriers to trade and improved communications have been seen to reduce unemployment levels in developing countries and decrease poverty. However, reductions in poverty levels are slow to be revealed at a local level and may, in fact, take many years to become measurable.

At OBP, we believe that many companies would benefit from developing professional individual social responsibility (ISR) programs for their employees. The term 'your company is only as good as its people' stands true in the way that without ISR and empathy towards cultural needs, Company/ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs would not be successful, therefore, a company would not thrive within its community.

Globalization and social responsibility collide in the offshore industry, however therein lies an opportunity for global impact. Difficulties in the global economy elicited exponential growth in the offshore outsourcing industry over the last decade, with many companies quickly overcoming their fear of outsourcing and jumping on the bandwagon.

Many offshore companies are established in developing countries around the world e.g. the Philippines. Businesses in this locale have the capacity to make an enormous impact on members of the community by way of ISR and CSR programs. Such programs help to raise awareness to the plight of those living in poverty and provide immediate relief to those in need.

The management team at OBP believe that it is essential to be proactive in the development of ISR and CSR programs in order to support the local communities in which we operate.

OBP advocates a global responsibility towards citizens the world over and a duty to hold out a helping hand to those in need. We consider it to be our obligation to 'give back to the community' by way of humanitarian ventures. We provide food and water, clothing and shoes, and voluntary support of community projects with our time to those living in poverty.

In March, 2015 staff members at OBP conducted an outreach project which fed 500 members of the 'garbage picking' communities' of Manila and provided flip flops for 270 children and adults. Many of our employees contribute some of their time to support our CSR initiatives and all employees fully embrace our 'Make a Difference' culture. The team at OBP believe that we can 'Make a Difference' to the lives of those less fortunate and aim to foster a working environment whereby this philosophy is embraced every single day.

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