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Offshore Remote Staff with Business Process Outsourcing

data collection
Data Entry

Offshore your data entry jobs to us so you can focus on revenue generating tasks

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Call Centre

Establish strong customer feedback and experience with our call centre services

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Benefit from our years of expertise with finance and accounting outsourcing services

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IT Solutions

Reduce operational costs and stay competitive with our IT outsourcing solutions

Ideal Offshore Outsourcing Solutions for your Business

Highly educated remote staff are the solution to lower your operational costs and maximise the potential of your business. You will save on labour costs and simultaneously boost your productivity levels with an offshore team. At Offshore Business Processing (OBP), we appreciate how important it is to remain competitive and offer a full suite of services to accommodate the business needs of a wide range industries.

At OBP, we apply our offshore outsourcing intelligence to achieve service excellence in our chosen area of expertise. The outsourcing industry has experienced a period of exceptional growth in recent years, and the prospect of finding a reliable provider has become increasingly difficult. With a multitude of BPOs to choose from, your search can stop at OBP. You can rest easy in the knowledge that we will provide you with an unprecedented level of service.

If you are looking for BPO in Australia to offshore your back office tasks, we can help. We provide Philippines outsourcing solutions that will not only support the growth of your business but will also significantly decrease your labour costs. If you are looking for a BPO provider you can trust, give us a call today.

OBP and WiseTech Partnership

We are proud to announce Offshore Business Processing’s (OBP) partnership with WiseTech Global as a WiseService Partner.

OBP has a well-established reputation as an outstanding offshore outsourcing company; providing offshore freight forwarding, customs and logistics solutions and services to many companies around the globe.

Success Stories from our Partners

"OBP has helped us increase our productivity levels beyond our expectations. We didn't reduce staffing levels in Australia we added the Manila team to take some pressure off our local guys which gave them more time to provide better customer service. Improved customer service has also dramatically increased our revenue."

Testimonial 1
Michele Dougal
Managing Director
Famous Logistics Pty Ltd

"We found working with OBP saved us so much time and money. They provide a worldclass business platform, have great staff and really make sure they get it right every time. We also admire the way they treat their staff, with respect and dignity....they are a great team to be with."

Testimonial 2
Joseph McMahon
Laywer and Founder
bytherules Conveyancing

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BPO: Philippines Outsourcing to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Offshore Business Processing (OBP) is operated by a union of Australian and Filipino management teams founded by Maryann. We bring a wealth of experience in technology, economic and business solutions. We assist companies in relocating office jobs offshore in the following industries:

Establish your Own Offshore Staff with Highly Skilled Professionals

Establish your Own Remote Staff with Highly Skilled Professionals

The offshoring of business services is a growing global trend that enables companies to remain competitive. It is the process of relocating office jobs to countries that have a lower labour cost but equal expertise. This allows companies to focus on core business concerns whilst maintaining optimum daily operations. Imagine your new restructured business with:

  • No payroll tax, superannuation or workcover
  • Save up to 80% on labour and office costs
  • Specialised staff that work only for you

The Philippines – The Perfect BPO Business Location

The Philippines:
The Perfect BPO Provider

We have chosen the Philippines as the ideal offshore labour hire location because it has a proven track record in the BPO industry worldwide. Further, it is a region that has a strong Western influence with many cultural similarities and has a similar time zone to countries in the Asia Pacific such as Australia. See the list of offshore outsourcing advantages.

Free BPO Business Consultation

Free BPO Consultation

We understand that you may have more questions. We would love to hear from you. Call us today on +613 9975 7040 or contact us online for free BPO consultation with our offshoring experts.

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