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Offshore Outsourcing IT Solutions

The quality and excellence of our OBP staff is the most important thing to us –
we do not compromise!

We seek exemplary tertiary and work experience, but we also test all candidates during the recruitment process and validate previous employers and their history with that employer.

Our testing process involves shortlisted candidates completing an extended interview process and then a number of programming tests that you or we can provide, it is only upon satisfactory completion of all aspects that we are satisfied that we have the right team for you.

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that you get the best possible staffing solution giving you complete peace of mind.

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Outsource IT & Related Digital Solutions

In the past, a multitude of companies sought to implement offshore outsourced IT solutions to address issues such as wage inflation and decreasing profit margins. However many quickly decided to re-evaluate their decision to outsource due to various disappointments including BPO companies failing to meet client expectations and inflexible contractual agreements. As industry leaders, we addressed these issues and employed only the very best IT specialists and insist on service excellence. We appreciate that in order to provide the best service we must remain fluid in our agreements and offer the most flexible solutions to drive improved performance. These are some of the reasons that OBP quickly become known as a leader in the BPO industry.

There are many rewards to outsourcing your IT functions the most obvious being cost savings, however, a reward commonly underestimated is the access to the very latest in technology. Hardware and software quickly become obsolete and by outsourcing to an IT BPO such as OBP you eliminate the burden to maintain costly up to date technology and gain a team of IT professionals with world class IT resources.

Innovation leads a business to its growth. This is accomplished through maximising what information technology has to offer. It fuels one's business to improve its facilities and develop what it can offer to its customers. However, incompetent grasp on this field can lead your business to a downslope. In addition, this may cost your business more.

Our firm offers you the solution. Through our IT outsourcing services, we help business reduce costs and be more competitive.

Our IT outsourcing services include:

Technical support

Technical Support

  • Microsoft Certified

Web Development

Web Development

  • Database developers
  • Flash developers
  • Front end developers
  • Game developers
  • Java developers
  • Magento developers
  • Microsoft based or .NET developers
  • PHP developers
  • Ruby on Rails developers
  • Software testers / QA
  • System administrators


  • Graphic designers
  • Print Graphic designers
  • Web designers
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

  • Link builders / SEO assistants
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing
Network Engineering

Network Engineering

  • CISCO certified
  • IT help desk
  • Network administrators
  • Network operations ceentre engineers
  • Server administrators

Advantages of Offshoring
IT BPO Services

  • Expert IT Specialists
    We have a team of IT experts who have been in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry for over 5 years. Their knowledge in web design, development, internet marketing and other information technology services are exceptional and functional.
  • Costs Management
    We provide the office setup and find IT talents to work for you. This leaves you away from spending and more time.
  • Focus and Flexibility
    With our trustworthy and reliable IT staff, you can focus on your core operations and be flexible. You can take on the revenue tasks further while your offshore staff handles your IT needs.
  • Business Savings
    Reduced operational costs guarantee business savings which you can invest back to your business. This is a great avenue to be more competent.
  • Operations Control
    We will manage your IT needs and update you regularly.

Let's talk about your information technology needs. Contact our IT experts today.


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