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Offshore Outsourcing Data Entry Solutions

OBP offers you high quality data entry outsourcing services. We maintain our position in the BPO industry with the following elements:

Use of the Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies which help us to enter accurate data from scanned images to physical documents and provide you with the absolute best data entry services in the outsourcing industry.

Accuracy in Outsource
Data Entry

Accuracy is a key factor for data entry which is well organized by our data entry operators and quality analysts. We move a significant volume of paper documents / images smoothly through a well-defined project plan to ensure swift transmission and accuracy.

Talented and Skilled Professionals

We never settle for anything less. At OBP, we insist on highly talented and skilled professionals for services that we provide, including during our hiring process. We source knowledgeable freight forwarding professionals to ensure accuracy of data entry for the freight forwarding industry whose skills include:

  • Technology savvy
  • Reliable and stable
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Flexible and able to multi-task
  • Proficient in the English language

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Efficient Data Collection & Accurate Data Processing

Data entry services can be timely and challenging which is why you need industry specialists such as OBP. We offer a complete suite of outsourcing solutions to save you time and money. Our data solutions and capabilities enable our clients to devote their valuable time to other important business matters.

Many industries such as Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and Healthcare still conduct a multitude of paper-based transactions, reports and communications. Paper and pen are still utilized where clients must comply with industry regulations and the law. At OBP, our data entry processing service can be applied to various mediums such as paper, scanned documents and audio files. The transfer of information to the electronic form requires data specialists who are proficient in the English language to ensure accurate and precise data entry.

As a reputable data entry outsourcing provider we insist on only the very best, highly educated and skilled data entry technicians. The vast experience of our dedicated professionals and exposure to various global industries ensures that whatever your business requirements we have the know-how to accommodate your needs. With excellent English language skills, our technicians are able to boast 100% accuracy on data entry tasks including, research and text analysis.

Our expansive range of outsource data entry service and solutions allows you to save up to 80% on labour and office costs, increase your revenue and help to secure your place in the global business community. In the business environment it is essential that you remain fiercely competitive, OBP can help you do that. High customer demands and increasing expectations can exert tremendous pressure on your business and your staff, you can allow your dedicated team in the Philippines to help relieve the stress. As an outsource data entry service provider that you can trust, we deliver an exceptional service and enable you to realize substantial savings.


Data Entry Outsourcing Services for the Communications Industry

The increasing demand of clients and customers for better and cheaper products and services prompts companies to find cost competitive solutions. As a result, almost 75% of telecommunication companies have decided to offshore work.

Half the expenses of the communications industry is spent on network management, while the remaining portion is spent on:

  • Billing
  • Recruitment
  • Customer care

Our offshore outsourcing services for the communications industry include:

  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Save desk support
  • Upsell and cross sell support
  • New product introduction support

Data Entry Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Our offshore outsourcing services for the financial services industry include:

  • Payroll
  • Brokerage
  • Tax records
  • Insurance claims
  • Credit card applications

Data Entry Services Provider for the Freight Forwarding Industry

Our data entry services for the freight forwarding industry:

  • Export BOL
  • Order tracking
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Import customs clearances

Benefits of Offshoring Data Entry Work for Freight Forwarders

There are a multitude of benefits for freight forwarders in offshoring data entry work to the Philippines. With OBP assisting you in offshore labour hire, benefits include:

  • Increased revenue
  • Specialised staff that work only for you
  • Quicker delivery of products to the market
  • Save up to 80% on labour and office costs
  • No payroll tax, superannuation or workcover

Outsource Data Entry Services for the Information Technology Industry

The information technology industry is dynamic and ever changing and provides many challenges. OBP allows you to focus on the fundamentals of your business structure, and ultimately enables you to increase your revenue, through our IT specific services.

Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) is recognised as one of the best business solutions for increasing revenue. It is also one of the highest trends in the BPO service Industry.

Today, the Philippines is considered one of the premier destinations for BPO-IT services. It is triggered by the following factors:

  • Cheaper labour costs
  • Strong government and industry support
  • Superior management of technology with impressive digital connection
  • Stable supply of knowledgeable and highly skilled information technology professionals

Our offshore outsourcing services for the information technology industry include:

  • Web development
  • Internet marketing
  • Network engineering
  • Technical/customer support
  • Web design and maintenance

Other Offshore Services

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