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Offshore Outsourcing
Freight Forwarding Industry

The freight industry acts as intermediaries in the value chain between clients and transportation services. It is focused in handling efficient logistics with the following conditions in mind:

  • Arrival of goods on time
  • Cost effective transport solution
  • Products are delivered in good condition

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Challenges in the
Freight Forwarding Industry

Freight forwarding is one of the most volatile industries in the market today and is easily influenced by the following external factors:

  • Drop in profitability
  • Growing competition
  • Unpredictable global demand
  • Increased government regulations

It faces numerous challenges as increased direct business between shippers and carriers bring significant threats and volume declines. Therefore, innovative solutions which combine competitive prices and excellent customer satisfaction have to be implemented.


Reduced Cost Solutions for
Freight Forwarding Industry

The demand to deliver excellent services at lower cost forces the freight forwarding industry to consider the following options:

  • Standardisation of the information technology process
  • E-transformation of all paper work processes in the workplace
  • Regular assessment, process improvement and organisational shaping
  • Business offshore outsourcing of some job functions including payroll, information technology, accounts payable and accounts receivable

Offshoring Work for Freight Forwarding: The Competitive Solution

An Inbound Logistic featured article revealed that large freight forwarding companies pay approximately $11 USD per freight invoice. This substantial cost equates to $11,000 USD per 1000 freight invoices.

The freight forwarding industry has to find a cost effective solution to the escalating cost of their daily operations. Offshore outsourcing provides one such solution.

Offshoring work allows companies to process freight invoices at a cheaper cost, with the amount equivalent to only 5 to 10 percent of the earlier-mentioned benchmark cost per bill. With this, freight forwarding companies will be reducing their operation cost by half.

Country Approximate Cost per 1000 Freight Invoices Approximate Cost when using Offshore Outsourcing Data Entry
Australia 12000 USD 900 USD
Canada 11600 CAD 870 CAD
Denmark 60000 DKK 4500 DKK
New Zealand 13000 NZD 975 NZD
UK 6700 GBP 500 GBP
USA 11000 USD 825 USD

The Move to Offshore Work
to the Philippines

Relocating freight forwarding job functions offshore to the Philippines is seen as the wisest decision. Companies did so with very little hesitation. They reaped more savings from the reduced labour costs. As a result, they earned the leverage to offer their services to clients at lower prices.

As technology prospered and low cost geographies improve their digital infrastructures and work pool, more opportunities to offshore freight forwarding job functions were opened.

Today, services offered by business process outsourcing (BPO) extend beyond data entry for financial accounts. It now includes call centre functions and information technology.


The Future of Offshore Outsourcing
in the Philippines

Research in the logistics industry reveals an additional 750,000 jobs in the information technology, business and finance sectors are forecast to be transferred offshore by 2016. More freight forwarding companies are convinced this is the wise choice. They are already relocating. When will you make that choice? Contact us online and learn how easy it is to set-up your offshoring work today.


The Role of OBP in Freight
Forwarding Offshore Work

OBP can assist you in reducing your operational costs by as much as 80% through offshoring work to the Philippines.

These employees work the same business hours and same holidays you do. They are screened and inducted to guarantee workplace confidentiality. You may direct and coordinate your remote staff via various means including:

  • Chat
  • Skype
  • E-mail
  • Telephone

List of Freight Forwarding
Offshore Work Services

OBP is a thriving offshore outsourcing firm with expert and motivated freight forwarding professionals. We are driven to provide excellent customer services beyond client expectation. Choose from any of the freight forwarding offshoring work services we offer below:


Import and export operations

Your offshore team at OBP will help you focus by handling job registrations, cargo manifests, packing lists, post invoices and other import and export operations task. We ensure that these tasks are met with accuracy and its corresponding turnaround time.

Customs clearance import

We provide customs clearance import services such as data entry of shipment information, tariff codes computation and compiling. With years of freight forwarding experience, our team of data entry specialists are competent to deliver quality work. This gives you and your company the opportunity to focus on important business matters.

Track and trace

We keep you and your clients updated with the current status of their products and goods. We provide up to date information with our efficient order tracking system.

Other operations services we provide are the following:

  • Shipments and brokerage job registration
  • Cross trade
  • Compile
  • Customs classification
  • Order management
  • Warehousing
  • Document allocation
  • Sea cargo automation
  • Invoicing
  • Land costing
  • Import email management
  • Document chasing

Your experienced freight forwarding staff at OBP can also help you with the following tasks:

  • Creating brokerage job
  • Ensure shipments are compiled within specified timeframes
  • Accurately update system database with appropriate information
  • Prepare customs clearance declarations for submission to customs according to the customs services provided by the company
  • Accurately compile import data into EDI, including customs valuation & assessment of importers' commercial invoices and other related documentation

Accounts-Related Tasks

Accounts receivables

We are detail oriented to ensure all data entry concerning your clients' invoices are entered appropriately.

Accounts payables

We match your invoices with purchase orders in our system. We maintain accurate and speedy entry of this information to guarantee that you are always updated on your company cash flow status.

Accounts reconciliation

We reconcile statement of accounts to the system to verify correct inputs on invoices. Any inaccuracy shall be forwarded to you for updating.

Other accounts-related services we provide are the following:

  • Updating currency exchange rates
  • Spot quotes
  • Quotes
  • Company tariffs
  • Client rates
  • Payroll
  • General ledger posting

With numerous movement of goods in your operation, efficient processing is vital for the efficacy of your operation. We understand your need for well-trained professionals specialised in this field. It is a challenge we welcome and a result that we deliver to all of our clients worldwide. We only hire professionals that display the following traits:

  • Technology savvy
  • Advanced typing skills
  • Remarkable comprehension
  • Freight forwarding experience

Telemarketing / Sales

Call operators mirror your freight forwarding company. With this in mind, we exert an extra effort in selecting only the best offshore call centre experts. Your remote staff exhibit the following traits:

  • Reliable and stable
  • Flexible and can multi-task
  • Fast and accurate typing skills
  • Keep engaging conversation leading to a sale

Appointment setting

We find professionals that have a passion for freight forwarding services. They are knowledgeable about the freight forwarding industry and possess the expertise to:

  • Thoroughly explain your services and the potential value to your clients
  • Target new and existing customers strategically
  • Initiate contact with potential clients in a timely fashion for higher chances of booking an appointment


One of the reasons that freight forwarders choose offshore labour hire in the Philippines is the outstanding English proficiency skills of the Filipinos. This is reflected in their ability to help improve your sales and increase your ROI, whilst achieving high customer satisfaction ratings. Some of their duties include:

  • Perform basic account maintenance
  • Receive inbound calls from potential customers and transferred sales leads call
  • Answer to queries about product details, the company and issues with their current account

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