Born: June 4, 1969
Occupation: CEO and Founder of Vixen Internet Solutions, Founder and Sales Director of Offshore Business Processing Pty Ltd and Founder and Managing Director of Axiem Corporation

Professional Biography

Maryann Farrugia is the CEO and founder of Vixen Internet Solutions, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. Maryann's interest in marketing guided her in forming a competent team that provides innovative and results-driven web marketing solutions to businesses in the Melbourne area.

Maryann's years of sales experience has motivated her to start a business with the primary goal of helping businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency at the same time. Through its offshore outsourcing solutions, Offshore Business Processing (OBP) equips its clients with the versatility to accommodate business challenges and remain competitive in the market. With Axiem Corporation, the Philippine-based counterpart of OBP, this aim is realized.

Full Biography

A woman stood firm in front of 50 employees in a white canvas room. She uttered words of encouragement telling everyone looking up to her, "There is no substitute for hard work and determination." Up to this day, Maryann continues to stand in front of her employees and colleagues to inspire them that with the right attitude and determination, anyone can be what he or she wants to be.

Maryann left high school at year 11 and later on worked as a bank teller when she was 16. It was her first job. But she knew she is off to great places and with this vision in mind, she kept looking for opportunities. After 4 years, she entered the freight forwarding industry as a courier. It was through her passion and unshakeable determination to succeed that she ventured in sales without any training. But with her never-say-die attitude, Maryann won as the Sales Representative of the Year on her second year working for a freight forwarding company. Through those years, Maryann has been able to establish her sales experience and grow her network.

At the age of 27, she left the forwarding industry and started a web development business in 1997 and went on with 2 software companies. She founded Vixen Internet Solutions after seeing an ad for a website. Right then and there, it struck Maryann of the bigger things that were about to happen. Being an entrepreneur, Maryann sees opportunities when industries are just beginning. Together with a good friend, Peter DeAngelis, they saw an opportunity in the Australia market and knew it was a fairly new concept to SMEs in Australia. In 2013, Maryann and Peter started Axiem and OBP which preoccupy her days with the same passion, determination and never-say-die attitude as she was just starting.

During her free time, Maryann loves walking along the beach, fishing, watching movies or playing poker. She got married in June 2010 and currently lives a bountiful life.


AFIF 2015 National Conference

Offshore Business Processing (OBP) CEO, Sales & Managing Director Maryann Farrugia has been invited to speak at the 2015 National Conference hosted by Australian Federation of International Forwarders (AFIF) wherein she will present and share her experience in offshore employment including the benefits, options and its alternatives on 15th of May 2015 at exactly 9:15am.

Maryann will present in detail on how a business service based offshore can bring high quality outcome, better productivity and cost-effective business solutions to custom brokerage firms, shipping companies, freight/cargo forwarders, supply chain and logistics enterprise in Australia.

Maryann on the Web

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