OBP Expands to the US

Jul 03, 2014


Maryann Farrugia, Sales and Managing Director of Offshore Business Processing, announced the opening of USA office and appointment of Joy Siemens as US Sales Manager in a company meeting on April 2, 2014.

According to Maryann, the opening of OBP's USA office would help clients in Europe and the Asia-Pacific who are also operating their businesses in the US. "We can support their US offices if they have some locally. We can also provide our service locally to their partners," said Maryann.

In a short speech, Joy said that she's excited to be part of a growing offshoring company. She emphasized how OBP's offshore outsourcing services solve the problems of many industries in the US, especially freight forwarders. "Our offshoring services are answers to the problems that they face - that is, to stay in business and remain competitive. We can help them. We have the solution," said Joy.

About US Sales Manager - Joy Siemens

Joy Siemens has been in the freight forwarding and international logistics industry for over three decades. The ins and outs of the industry is a familiar setting to her. That being said, she is determined that OBP is equipped to help freight forwarders and other industries gain their competitive advantage.

With Joy and the OBP team, the company projects a promising future as it establishes and develops its presence in the US. After all, many industries in the US needs the company’s reliable offshoring services. It is not just any services but a necessity for small to large businesses to excel and sustain their places in the market.

OBP USA Office

Offshore Business Processing opened its USA office - the company's fourth global office – on April 8, 2014. The office is located at 10736 Jefferson Boulevard, #225 Culver City, California.

Every business that wants to maximize the benefits of offshoring are welcome to visit the USA office from 9:00 to 17:00. To schedule a FREE offshoring consultation, contact us today at +1 424 263 4053 or email us at ussales@offshorebusinessprocessing.com.

Offshore Business Processing (OBP) has a proven track record in freight forwarding offshore services that not only work but can increase your productivity and reduce your costs by up to 80%.

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