OBP’s First Employee of the Year in Australia

Jun 23, 2015

Offshore Business Processing (OBP) named Febilyn Rebibis as its first ever Employee of the Year. A Data Entry Specialist turned Team Coach, Febilyn is the first recipient of an all-expense-paid trip to Australia with a generous spending money.

On the 10th of May, she flew into Melbourne to explore the Land Down Under with her mother Lynne. They visited 2 of Australia’s most remarkable cities in both Melbourne and Surfers Paradise. Among the places they visited were St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Melbourne, South Melbourne Market, Sealife Melbourne Aquarium in William Street beside Yarra River, Melbourne Zoo in Melbourne and Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa in Surfers Paradise.

Febilyn also enjoyed some Aussie music at the Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane with her Australian team mates. She and her mum were accompanied by Maryann Farrugia, with her partner Tracy, and Peter DeAngelis, with her daughter Isabel.

Question: What do you feel about this experience?
Words are not enough to say how thankful my mum and I for this trip. We experienced a lot of first times. We were able to bond well and I get to visit wonderful places in Australia. I also get the chance to know more about Boss M, Boss Pete, Tracy and hang out with my Australian team mates and see where and how they work. It was truly an awesome trip!

Question: How has this trip change you?
It gave me a better understanding of the Australian culture and way of life. It will help me improve and give me confidence on how I communicate with my clients. This will eventually lead to building a better working relationship with them. I am definitely more motivated to work harder.

Lastly, Febilyn encourages her colleagues at OBP with these words:

“Always be at your best when it comes to your job. Put your heart and passion in everything you do. If I did it, you can do it too. Remember, anything is possible, just believe in yourself.”

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