Offshore Business Processing Employee of the Year 2014

Jan 14, 2015


On 13 December 2014, the staff of Offshore Business Processing (OBP) gathered at Oceana Events Place in Manila to celebrate the OBP Christmas party. Everyone enjoyed the evening and had a great time. One of the highlights of this event was the announcement of the Employee of the Year.

The Employee of the Year wins an all-expense-paid trip to Australia for two with a generous amount of spending money. Managing Director, Maryann Farrugia, together with Finance and Operations Director, Peter DeAngelis and Operations Manager, Mylyn Ferido-Magpantay paid credit to the outstanding performers of the year. One of which was Febilyn Rebibis, who received the title of Employee of the Year 2014.

Febilyn Rebibis and Her Career at OBP

Febilyn Rebibis joined the company in September 2013 as Data Entry Specialist. Through dedication to her work, she was promoted to Team Coach and received Employee of the Month for March 2014. Her determination to accomplish her tasks is known by her colleagues and supervisors.

“One of the noticeable things about her is that she’s resilient with her work. The passion for getting things done is there even if it means extending office hours for research. She does not stop from doing what is expected of her. She goes for the extra mile,” said Julius Minimo, his first Team Leader at OBP.

With such distinction, the OBP Management Team has rightfully awarded the title Employee of the Year 2014 to Febilyn Rebibis. She walked onto the stage surprised yet happy and received the award from Maryann, Peter and Mylyn.

“Febilyn possesses all the qualities of an Employee of the Year. She steps up and takes the initiative to ensure that everything is covered in every shift even though she is not yet a Team Leader. She has perfect attendance and a positive attitude,” Mylyn added.

Living the Dream

Febilyn is excited to travel to Australia with her mother on April 2015. This is her first trip out of the country and it’s all for free.

1. What was your reaction when your name was called as Employee of the Year 2014?

I just feel blessed and grateful. I can't explain the excitement that I felt in accepting an award that recognizes me not just as a professional but also an individual who strives to do my best in everything I do. It was unexpected. It feels like I’ve won something I've never imagined was possible.

2. What can you impart to your colleagues to encourage them to experience this achievement of yours?

First of all, I just want to thank everyone. Aside from the opportunity to work with such wonderful group of people, it’s great that OBP recognizes the efforts of its employees.

I appreciate the people who made my work possible, comfortable and fun. Thanks to everyone who helped me throughout the year with their trust, support and confidence in me.

I challenge everyone to be inspired and motivated. Let us all work hard, have a positive attitude toward work and the people around us, remain humble and be a person of character.

3. What’s your goal in 2015?

My goal is to double my efforts and work harder for the team. I look forward to going the extra mile, giving my best effort and improving myself not just professionally but also individually.

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