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Upstart Outsourcing Firm Banks on ICT to Conquer the BPO Industry



Every starting company wants to achieve that long-term dream of making a big name for itself someday. For Axiem Corporation, a new business process outsourcing (BPO) company in the Philippines, it hopes to eventually become a player in the league of giants - even when it thrives in one of today's most cutthroat industries.

With its operations going on full swing in December 2012 and a sizeable number of employees working at its humble office in Mandaluyong City, its leaders admit they still have a long way to go.

"I am not worried, though. I am positive that we will get to where we want to go," said the very optimistic Peter De Angelis, who is spearheading the operations of Axiem Corporation in the Philippines.

This outlook, De Angelis explained, stems from the belief that Axiem Corporation is a company that can offer its clients something that has already diminished with the big names in the BPO industry today. "That is in the form of our more personal approach to them," he said. "Because we are still starting, we are capable of personalizing our services to our clients. Hopefully, though, this is something that we could carry on even as we get bigger."

Axiem Corporation primarily provides backend office outsourcing solutions to clients in various fields including communications, financial services, government, manufacturing, retail, technology and transportation. Being a BPO firm, it serves as a third party group for outsourced solutions especially to small and medium-sized companies looking to reduce operational costs while increasing productivity.

The company mainly handles accounts in Australia where its sister company Offshore Business Processing (OBP) is located. "They have engaged with us to conduct services here in the Philippines. Clients in Australia are really starting to demand more solutions so we decided to expand," De Angelis explained about Axiem Corporation's relationship with OBP, where De Angelis is also the Director of Finance and Operations.

"We chose to establish the business here in the Philippines because we've already had previous connections here. Also, the skills that Filipinos have are unparalleled with others," he further said. "Right now, we only have the Australian market. But in the future, we hope to expand to other markets like the US."

The long-term plans that Axiem Corporation has set out does not scare De Angelis one bit. He is further hopeful for its growth because it has chosen to trust a big name in information and communications technology (ICT) to assist its operations: Globe Business, the ICT arm of leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom.

"Yes, it's true that it is a risk to trust anyone when we were just starting. We laid it all on the line," he said. "So far, being with Globe Business diminishes that risk."

"I can see the partnership expanding tremendously within our target over the next two years. My concrete vision is that I want to see our agents grow in numbers, and we are talking here about some big figures. Being affiliated with Globe Business can definitely help our growth. Globe Business has collaborations everywhere in the Philippines and even in other countries. Its sizeable reach will definitely help us obtain our goals to expand."

"Starting companies must strategize on building partnerships that can be trusted for a very long time," he added. "I can really see that with Globe Business."

At the moment, the company has enlisted Globe Business' PayrollCloud application to streamline its human resources functions. De Angelis shared that early this year, he was looking for a payroll solution in the Philippines that harnessed on the cloud. "I needed a software solution written in all database program languages that could blend with 64-bit operating systems. Then I found this innovation from Globe Business. I was drawn to their payroll solution. Then I said, ‘Okay, let's do it.' In about late March, we started processing our personnel's requirements with it. And we have been very happy ever since."

The Globe Business PayrollCloud is an innovative service which provides on-time and accurate payroll accounting system. The software has remarkable features such as automatically calculating salaries, organizing standard time and attendance reports, as well as a biometric integration, online application and approval of leaves, customizable approval hierarchy and online payslips access.

"For a company which specializes on IT and other technical solutions, it is a big deal to be able to trust its partner for technical expertise. I am a very technical guy myself, and I am very impressed with this solution that Globe Business offers," confirmed the top Axiem official.

Aside from the application, De Angelis is also impressed with Globe Business' promptness to its customers' requests. "They are very customer oriented. They easily address our concerns and queries," he shared.

De Angelis said that in the future, Axiem Corporation is interested to utilize more services from Globe Business. "From the way things are turning out, I wouldn't even look out for other options. With the way they communicate and the manner in which they are able to respond quickly, it is simply outstanding."

"Communication really is important. It is in this aspect that Globe Business has the biggest advantage," he said. "If that breaks down between a client and a provider, well, there is no relationship that exists. And the other counterparts of Globe Business do not have that. This really makes me confident that what Axiem Corporation can provide, alongside Globe Business' guidance, will get us to realize our dream someday."

De Angelis is optimistic that someday, his company will look back and think how great their decision was to partner with Globe Business, and have their dream to make it big in the BPO industry come to its fruition.

Source : http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/index.php/en/features/marketing/19074-upstart-outsourcing-firm-banks-on-ict-to-conquer-the-bpo-industry


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