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As a WiseTech Service Partner with the most amount of CargoWise Certified Consultants in one company globally, OBP is in an ideal position to assist companies around the world that need assistance in managing and maintaining CargoWise One.

The OBP CargoWise Help desk can assist your business with requests such as:

How do we customize documents in CargoWise One?
How do I set up the task milestones and triggers in CargoWise One?
Document pack for the consignee is not sending properly/email addresses not populating automatically. How can I edit this?
How can we include documents coming from a different level (e.g. Shipment to Consolidation) in our document packs?
Can we receive/generate a report informing us that rates (e.g. Client Rates) are expiring?
We would like CargoWise One system to recognize and record all the documents received for the shipment.

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