Our Partners

Telstra Global Advantage

Telstra was the only choice for OBP's telecommunications and information services needs. It is the leading and largest telecommunications and information services company in Australia. It services over 200 of the listed top 500 companies in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. It is recognised globally as a telecommunications leader in the industry due to the following features:

Multi-Media Agent Queue and Campaigns

It has the ability to create a single queue across the following platforms:

  • SMS
  • Voice
  • E-mail
  • Webchat
  • Social media

Advanced Outbound Features

It offers the following conveniences for more effective call monitoring and analysis:

  • Script editing
  • Lead management and campaign
  • Automatic call recording capabilities

Additional BPO Service Features

  • Multi-device real-time reporting that is available on desktop, mobile or tablet devices
  • Global cloud platform accessible by agents at different locations, which is ideal for both main contact center and remote contact center
  • Rapid Disaster Recovery Site, which is a live disaster recovery site that can be accessed by agents and can be activated from various locations, even from home
  • Integration capability with existing technologies that enables businesses to introduce innovation, functionalities and scalability, whilst still allowing it to drive value from their existing platform

Communication is important in building client trust and confidence. We choose Telstra because of its unparalleled service. Our clients deserve the best and we give them first-rate technology with Telstra as our partner.

WiseTech Global Partnership

WiseTech Global is an innovative, multi-award winning global developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries. Since 1994 we have helped logistics companies efficiently manage the movement of goods and information. With over 6,000 customers across 7,000 sites in more than 125 countries, our breakthrough software solutions are renowned for their powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration, deep compliance capabilities, and their truly global reach.

Our leading product, CargoWise One, provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution in the world, and forms an integral link in the global supply chain. From single-office businesses to large multinational companies worldwide, our clients are able to improve their visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability by adopting our next-generation technology.

As an innovator, we use software and hardware to solve problems and create new ways of working and living. We build products using the latest software tools and the best hardware platforms, and we take pride in delivering solutions that make a significant difference to our customers, partners, staff, shareholders, and the logistics industry at large.

Our people are the core of who we are. The accumulation of our collective experience, shared values, and individual skills has allowed our business to deliver industry leading solutions that exceed expectations. We are a mature, profitable, rapidly expanding business focused on great products, the intellectual property that drives them, the brands they create, and the markets and customers they serve.

WiseTech Global was founded in 1994 in Sydney, Australia, with a mission to lead the international logistics industry in technology innovation. The company now operates worldwide with offices in Australia, China, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

Microsoft Advantage

Offshore Business Processing (OBP) is now part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) community. With this partnership, OBP gains an advantage in our IT delivery which we can offer to our clients as well as well as our staff.

What is Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) provides a broad scope of software services to address our business needs, especially in terms of information technology (IT). It helps its community of businesses with strategic and developmental actions with its technology infrastructure so to help achieve its business goals.

Core Benefits and Features

With this partnership, OBP is able to offer the service of providing better software services to its clients. The two major benefits that MPN covers are firstly it allows OBP to enable Microsoft products to its clients and updating OBP's core internal technology infrastructure. Whilst clients are attending to their businesses, they can be assured that their offshore team within OBP uses the best software that can contribute to their productivity goals. Moreover, they can also take advantage of this opportunity to use these latest Microsoft software products and benefit from the latest softwares features and capabilities.

Other Microsoft Partner Network Benefits Include:

  • Sell

    Through MPN, OBP can deliver Microsoft products instantly and at the best pricing to its customers. This includes a feature called the Online Services Partner Dashboard where customers' subscriptions can be easily tracked and managed. It allows speedy processing of renewals, trials, quotes and activation statuses of the subscribed customers as well as internally.

  • Plan and Enable

    OBP looks forward to enabling and planning more for the business. The partnership with MPN enables OBP to sharpen its skills through training that will be provided regarding the latest Microsoft technologies. This is beneficial most especially to clients who can use these software products that would make the productivity and quality working processes possible.

  • Support

    With MPN, OBP can touch base with Microsoft engineers and connect with other partners at no cost to our customers. This allows the internal technical support team at OBP to continuously develop and grow whilst having access to the latest updates on Microsoft technologies.

Microlistics Partnership

Microlistics is an industry-leading Warehouse Management Solutions company solving warehousing for small local companies to large multi-site, multi-brand, multi-channel international companies globally. Its award-winning WMS solution, a single product, has successfully been deployed across multiple market verticals. Recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Microlistics is a part of WiseTech Global.


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Low Costs and Increased Conversion Rate

India and China may be considered as the top two BPO countries offering the lowest rates, but taking into consideration the above mentioned offshoring advantages, it remains clear that offshoring to the Philippines remains the best choice.

Highly Skilled and Available Workforce

Generally, there are six (6) basic skills which are required from any aspiring remote staff professional. These include: critical thinking skills, agility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, collaboration across networks, accessing and analysing information and effective oral, written, multimedia and multilingual communication skills

Cultural Compatibility

The country's cultural affinity with Western customs and traditions and its strategic geographical location has made it the most ideal offshoring destination in the world.

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