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Working with Offshore Business Processing ensures that your company is in good hands and is stress-free. With our dedicated teams who are experts in each of their roles, outsourcing your business operations can bring in many advantages and potential growth. Building your outsourcing team from the Philippines is easy to set-up and can start running within just a few weeks.

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OBP is one of the most competitive managed service providers in the BPO industry, with a foundation that only gets better and stronger even through the dynamic times. As a managed service provider (MSP), we handle outsourced processes in the Philippines for companies in any industry and of any size, including small to medium businesses up to large enterprises. We offer an extensive range of solutions for clients to achieve the same significant results with lower labor rates. It is the client's satisfaction and an MSP's pride that motivates OBP to continue helping more companies to reduce their costs by up to 80% and free up more time so they can focus on core business concerns.

Under managed services providers, client companies are given access to their offshore team of specialists, from the recruitment process up to the daily operations. With this method, we are able to maintain a good relationship with our clients that trust us to help them accomplish their business goals. Through the MSP, the local staff of client companies can increase productivity and allocate their efforts to high-value processes, while their offshore counterparts take over the repetitive and tedious day-to-day tasks on their behalf.

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Being a certified global compliant with industry standards and regulations, OBP is a bona fide industry leader that provides top-notch managed services from the Philippines and within a global reach. We offer companies of any size, including small businesses, mid-sized enterprises experiencing expansion, and large entities, a wide range of exceptional solutions that are customizable to tailor-fit unique business requirements. The OBP managed services solutions are flexible to complement any pre-existing business structure, enabling our clients to maximize their profitability, reduce operational costs, and tap into more opportunities to grow their businesses.

Get started with your managed service solutions through OBP! Reap the benefits of OBP's managed services in full - through our future partnership.

Here's what Offshore Business Processing provides to its clients through our managed services:

There are many ways where offshoring can help maximize profitability through OBP managed services. You can recruit according to your specific requirements. Your offshore team will also be reflective of your company values and operational DNA. At OBP, you can choose an outsourcing model whether to engage in fully managed service or client managed service. Learn more about these managed services and see how each can be applied to your business.

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