Client Feedback

We continue to fulfill our commitments to our clients and maintain outstanding business relationships. Here's what our clients have to say:


I am 100% stoked we have partnered with OBP. The biggest thing for us is trust, and you have certainly instilled that with our new OBP - EES relationship.

Like most businesses like us that have had no experience in offshoring, you have made the transition not just seamless, but fun! Truly fun.

Shaun Hack
Financial Manager
EES Shipping Pty Ltd

We were very impressed with the services we got from the start. We hit a record amounts of jobs created and processed because of the additional help from our operator here in OBP.

Matthew Hughston
Customs Manager
Michael J. Bowen & Associates Pty Ltd

OBP had a fantastic influence on our business back home. Their experience and knowledge in the freight forwarding industry is really what made them our best go forward. Our experience with OBP has been seamless. I would highly recommend OBP!

Lamia Napoli
Operations Manager
Asean Cargo Pty Ltd

Our experience with OBP is excellent. At this stage, I've even recommended to some of my friendly competitors that they look at this option for their business.

Michael Clemenger
CEO/Managing Director
Clemenger International Freight

It's probably met our production a lot better. It helps when we have staff away at home because we still have a back-up here and vice-versa. Well, all staff to be honest are probably the most warm and loving, they're just an amazing bunch of people. The staff are just so diligent and wanting to help. It's just great like i can't speak more highly of the company.

Deanne Withers
General Manager
All Ports International

Business partners like OBP allows us to achieve our goals. We find the market is always changing particularly with the provision of legal services. OBP has allowed us to continue to move. Personally, I enjoy working with OBP. They try to be proactive on certain things and also they are very attentive, particularly on technology issues and particularly on performance. They've seem very dedicated when it comes to issues such as individual operator or administrator, looking after a file, continually maintaining a high standard, and they appear to be very committed to that.

Joseph McMahon
Lawyer and Founder
byTheRules Conveyancing Ptd Ltd

OBP has had a huge effect on our business back home. It's freed up time for our core staff in the office. They're no longer tied to a desk. We're having our offshore business partners handle a lot of our job set-up for us. We have time to focus on more important tasks. It also allows us to problem-solve or work on higher level tasks that really need more time but, previously was possibly neglected because we were stuck doing the day to day tasks of job set-up and compilation.

Tim Gribble
Operations Manager
Hobbs Global Logistics Solutions

The team really know their work.They are very professional; their level of communication is amazing.I don't know any people who have bad dealings with OBP. I know a lot of people in the Freight industry that do use OBP, and it's fantastic. So honestly, just do it soon.

Michael Bennett
General Manager
Seko Omni Channel Logistics

OBP has given us a lot more time to interact with our clients and to concentrate on business decisions. I absolutely highly recommend it. The financial and time savings to us have been considerable. We found out that pretty much any business process you can write a procedure for can be performed by OBP.

Matt Slattery
National IT Manager
BCR Australia Pty Ltd
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