Our Difference

Our BPO Edge: Business Excellence

Offshore Business Processing never settles for anything less than the best. We are conditioned to deliver optimum BPO solutions. This passion drives us to constantly search for

  • First-rate technology
  • Outstanding professionals
  • Guaranteed BPO solutions

OBP is an independent BPO Australian company with global reach. Its Management Team is composed of BPO professionals who are skilled in designing tailor fit solutions for your offshoring work needs.

We believe in nurturing long-term and sustainable relationships with our clients through the following innovative practices:

  • Measurable and sustainable business results
  • Customised service from strategy to execution
  • Use of entrepreneurial and independent strategies for better work plan

Client BPO Advantage

More than BPO providers, we are your partners. We take care of offshoring work with these additional conveniences:

  • Dependable 24/7 services
  • Reduced labour cost of up to 80%
  • Expert and specialised staff members
  • Outstanding customer service with a single point of contact
  • Effective data security measures for guaranteed data information confidentiality

We give importance to the littlest things. We are good listeners and welcome your feedback to achieve nothing but excellence. This is the offshore outsourcing advantage we give and we never settle for anything less than the best.

Employee Advantage

Hiring the best employees is fundamental in any BPO service. We go beyond this with an effective strategy that will gain the best employees and keep them. We invest time and effort in understanding what makes employees happy and content in the workplace. This is our game plan and we see our employees enjoying it to the fullest.

Regular Employee Incentives

We know how to pamper our employees. Just look at what they enjoy with us:

  • Lunch on the Boss Thursdays and Fridays
  • Medical insurance for all staff and a dependent
  • Food and travel allowances for every staff member

Monthly Incentives

Show impressive professionalism each month and enjoy a chance to receive:

  • Movie pass for two
  • Gift vouchers and rewards
  • Overnight hotel accommodation for two

Quarterly Incentives

Employees that will display exemplary productivity, work ethic and quality of service are given chance to enjoy an all expense paid weekend away for two to any of the Philippine Islands.

Yearly Incentives

The ultimate reward we give is an all-expense-paid trip to Australia for two


If you think the fun and excitement stops there, then think again. Help us grow the OBP family and we reward you with these:

  • Client referral bonus
  • Employee referral bonus
Only OBP offers this kind of gratuity. This is part of our vision and we are pleased to see our employees entering and leaving the workplace with a smile on their faces.

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Low Costs and Increased Conversion Rate

India and China may be considered as the top two BPO countries offering the lowest rates, but taking into consideration the above mentioned offshoring advantages, it remains clear that offshoring to the Philippines remains the best choice.

Highly Skilled and Available Workforce

Generally, there are six (6) basic skills which are required from any aspiring remote staff professional. These include: critical thinking skills, agility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, collaboration across networks, accessing and analysing information and effective oral, written, multimedia and multilingual communication skills

Cultural Compatibility

The country's cultural affinity with Western customs and traditions and its strategic geographical location has made it the most ideal offshoring destination in the world.

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