Putting Communities First, With Business Process Outsourcing Solutions For Governmental Organisations

OBP is committed to promoting and supporting organizations that are dedicated to creating safer communities. We offer government agencies the opportunity to take advantage of our offshore services and help manage their operations more effectively.

The Ethical Alternative Offshore Service Provider

The Government's approach to the provision of community services is often greatly affected by budgetary pressures. This financial pressure leads governmental organizations to look at creative ways to provide the same service levels while saving money. While there has been some criticism regarding outsourcing within governmental organisations, there is also much support for the practice.

Criticism regarding outsourcing includes:

  • Fear of degradation of Australian Public Service Values
  • Potential for corruption
  • Unethical or un-Australian conduction of business

Benefits and support for outsourcing include:

  • Allows organizations to focus on core business concerns
  • Frees up resources and encourages concentrated effort on organizational growth
  • Re-allocation of resources to other areas

Australian Values Guarantee Service Excellence

Deep Australian values form the foundation of the company and are reflected throughout the entire business in our company culture. OBP's strong Australian ties help to erase all fears regarding the degradation of Australian values and provides reassurance about concerns regarding corruption and un-Australian approaches to business.

Our government industry services include:

  • Accounting, billing and payment processing
  • Data entry processing
  • Customer care support (inbound/ outbound)
  • Back office processing
  • Program administration
  • IT solutions

At OBP, we engage highly educated industry professionals with operational expertise. The very latest technologies and data-driven insights enable us to provide you with a cost-saving opportunity to address all your service needs. Give our representatives a call today to discuss your business requirements.

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