Challenges & Positive Outlook: The Offshoring Industry’s Year 2020

May 13, 2020

Today, more businesses are bringing themselves into digital platforms. Technology has been playing a big role in businesses as it offers innovative ideas and has developed advanced solutions for specific or special needs. Freight forwarding and other industries today are bringing their systems digitally, as well as adapting to advanced technology that will make their processes faster, safer, and efficient for them and their customers/clients. Throughout the years, the set-up of having remote staff to perform some or most business functions has been key in some large industries.

Offshoring is still widely available despite the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the global economy. Offshore companies remain fully operational, ensuring that necessary steps are being taken to keep their workforce safe so that the teams are still able to assist businesses in finding efficient solutions.

The offshoring industry is known for its flexibility to adapt to different trends and changes within a certain industry. It continues to be the most adaptable industry this 2020 despite the tremendous challenges such as pandemic and global economies at risk.

Despite the pandemic, industries like freight forwarding that is also reliant on the offshoring industry can see the following trends to happen this year: 


It is essential for freight forwarders to bring new digital solutions to their business. By allowing their systems to migrate towards digital platforms, the business can create quality service by eliminating protracted processes and added costs while working through middlemen. With more lockdowns in various cities and countries, the practice of having better management of difficult issues will make the business more reliable. 



Automation has given freight forwarders and other industries clear visibility of options and processes that allows them to make strategic plans over how to do tasks faster and reliably. While data is available easily, making it centralized allows for the entire operation to understand the strategy or workflow better. 



For freight forwarders, it is important to know the progress of your transported goods throughout its journey. Freight forwarders may have access to online tracking systems nowadays that will allow them to receive real-time data about the location of the shipment and the estimated time to reach the destination. By having critical systems and processes in place, the company can communicate better and become more transparent in its transactions which will lead to better partnerships in the future. 



With a small budget to hire talent, these start-ups are looking for cost-effective solutions for manpower and logistical requirements. Start-up companies are leaning towards hiring outsourced services to reduce operating costs and yet achieve equal quality results. The BPO industry is multi-faceted and is not just exclusive for large-scale companies. Start-ups are starting to see the benefits of having outsourced manpower. 

 The outlook of offshoring industries will remain positive for 2020 as this is an industry that remains committed to offering services with highly skilled teams and effective solutions. Automated operations provide better results in productivity, reliability while having to reduce operational costs. This also allows the business to have more time to focus on their growth and innovations. 

 This year, more companies are looking into offshoring solutions to help ease up the impact and challenges brought by the on-going pandemic. The offshoring industry will continue to thrive in the coming years as part of the growth of any company as it helps them to reach its targets and goals.

Offshore Business Processing (OBP) has a proven track record in freight forwarding offshore services that not only work but can increase your productivity and reduce your costs by up to 80%.

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