No Signs Of Slowing Down For BPO

Sep 14, 2017

Business process outsourcing (BPO) companies continued to generate the most number of new jobs in Cebu and showed no sign of slowing down in the upcoming quarters as per JobStreet Philippines. Of the 3,000 Cebu-based jobs listed in JobStreet from January to March this year, BPO-related jobs accounted for 35 percent, equivalent to at least 1,000 jobs.

According to Camarillo-Go, JobStreet Philippines’ Marketing Manager, the outlook is positive. They expect this to continue in the next quarters, amid speculations the BPO industry would slow down while US-based investors await details on the outsourcing policies of the Trump administration. In terms of job listings in JobStreet for the entire country, BPO jobs also continued to dominate. US President Donald Trump’s anti-outsourcing pronouncements didn’t reflect on the BPO jobs and we haven’t felt any effect yet.

Based on the JobStreet Cebu Jobs and Salary Report, 47 percent of the jobs for fresh graduates belonged to the BPO sector, primarily in customer service, IT/software, and education specialist positions. Retail jobs, at seven percent, accounted for the second largest group in Cebu, followed by manufacturing (six percent) and food and beverage (three percent).

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