Queensland Jobs Outsourced to Philippines: Expect to Double in 2014

Jul 03, 2014

Over 25,000 Australian jobs were outsourced to the Philippines in 2013, and this number is expected to multiply twice by 2014. An IT businessman and outsourcing expert, Scott Linden Jones estimates that there will be 50,000 more jobs exported to the Philippines in 2014.

A decade's time projects 190,000 of 280,000 jobs from Queensland will set foot in the Philippine archipelago. This is due to the fact that small- to medium-scale ventures have been offshoring their back office jobs to the Philippines since the early 2000. Job functions such as IT services, marketing, graphic design, bookkeeping and much more fields are entrusted to the Filipino workforce.

Jones advised that fast-paced industries like manufacturing and construction will benefit from offshoring their finance, estimating, drafting, marketing, sales support, tendering and other tasks that doesn't have to be done in Australia to the Philippines.

The influx of outsourcing jobs paved way to more BPO companies popping in to attend these various roles. Aside from its capital city, Manila, outsourcing companies are also found in other areas of the archipelago including Cebu and Davao.

Mike O'Hagan, founder of Mini Movers and owner of businesses across Asia, provides Queensland businesspeople with Manila outsourcing tours, which are always fully booked. According to the Philippine Government figures, there are about one million Filipinos currently employed in the BPO industry, which increases 20% annually. No wonder the Philippine Government values the outsourcing sector that transcended its worth from $3.7 billion (2006) to $14.4 billion (2013).

The reason being is the big difference when it comes to labour and operational costs. An average job function in Australia can cost $100 an hour while it's only $20 in Manila. This is the reason why Nick Sinclair, CEO of Wealthfarm, is glad to have come to that decision as it is evident on the outcome of his contracted team in Manila that started from 8 and now composed of 34 people. Contrary to what others think, Sinclair emphasized that this trend has actually help them get more jobs and not kill it. His inshore team can now freely and directly focus on their clients apart from the tedious and redundant jobs that hinder them from achieving their core company goals. With these results, Sinclair is looking at having three to fourfold of his Manila team by 2015.

Source: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/queensland-jobs-outsourced-to-philippines-by-the-hundreds-of-thousands/story-e6frg6n6-1226820940889

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