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Telemarketing and customer support, while essential to business success, can be time-consuming and expensive to manage. Many large enterprises began to outsource part or all of their telemarketing and customer care in a bid to slash costs. This strategy is also now embraced by small to mid-sized businesses due to the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of offshore services. However, finding the right company to provide reliable call center services can be frustrating and tedious. Your search can stop now. OBP is operated by a formidable team of Australian and Filipino industry professionals. Our level of expertise serves to alleviate all cultural and language concerns and provides peace of mind with management teams based in both Australia and the Philippines. OBP offers companies the opportunity to access a wide range of reliable and affordable call center solutions to suit their ever-increasing business demands.


Offshore Business Processing is a well established and recognized provider of offshore call center solutions. We leverage our experience and expertise to offer superior BPO and call center services to clients worldwide. OBP's team leaders and agents in our Philippine call center have specialized industry experience and are dedicated to providing superior customer care and strive to exceed client expectations at every turn.

Customer satisfaction is an integral component of business success. Your offshore team at OBP's outsourcing call center are purpose driven to improve your customer engagement and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Your call center team will focus on establishing and nurturing rich and informed customer relationships. Every single interaction is made to count; we pay close attention to detail to address your clients' queries, preferences and unique requirements to produce the perfect outcome.

Our experienced team at OBP can handle all your offshore call center needs to help you reduce costs, gain more efficiency, improve productivity and increase your profits.

Inbound call center solutions

OBP offers multilingual services delivered by culturally aware call center personnel. We ensure your clients receive the very best customer care for the ultimate caller experience.

Outbound call center solutions

The customer experience ultimately relies upon the expertise of your call center staff. At OBP we only recruit call center specialists who have strong work ethics, proven customer service abilities and superb communication skills.


Establishing a connection with potential customers which ultimately results in a sale requires skills such as enthusiasm, resilience, and persistence. Our highly trained telemarketing specialists are skilled communicators delivering a superior customer experience. Ambitious and self-motivated, our telemarketers are target driven and dedicated to lead generation and wrapping up the sale.

Technical support

Utilizing VOIP, emails, web chat and cloud-based applications our highly trained IT support specialists provide advice and quick resolutions for all your clients IT concerns.

Chat/ email support

Provide your clients the customer service they deserve with prompt and professional chat and email support 24/7. Live chat is considered to be untapped potential for business. Live chat support is convenient for online consumers and offers the chance to address customer concerns quickly. Harness this opportunity to increase your sales and provide timely resolution to client complaints.

Lead generation

This initial step in the sales cycle is crucial. Our call center staff are highly experienced in lead generation for companies and salespeople. We identify and nurture potential customer relationships and will significantly stimulate and increase interest in your goods and services.

KPO processes

We engage highly educated call center staff with business expertise and advanced analytical skills. Specializing in research and information, legal and medical services, training, consultancy, and research and development, we provide the opportunity to engage industry professionals at affordable rates.

Improve Your Customer Experience And Business Communications With Dynamic Call Center Solutions

Whether you are an established company or a new enterprise, your ongoing growth and business success depends on immediate response to customer calls and customer satisfaction. Poor response to client concerns results in a lack of confidence and lost opportunities. OBP will help you establish, maintain and expand your client base with our offshore call center services.

Other benefits include:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Dialer
  • Multi-Channel Communicator
  • Voice Logger
  • Single View
  • Reporting Engine
  • Browser-Based Interface
  • Load Balancing and Optimized
  • Call Conferencing

Many companies harbour justified concerns about engaging offshore call center services, however, OBP can alleviate your fears. Concerns for outsourcing call center tasks often include language constraints which may lead to costly miscommunication, reduced focus and lack of dedication due to the distribution of attention across multiple clients, and security issues due to the sharing of sensitive data. OBP's Philippine call center outsourcing services are second to none. We provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding our offshore call center services and in doing so allay any concerns you may have.

24/7 Prompt & Professional Support For A Fraction Of The Price

Many companies discover that their customer satisfaction is significantly improved and costs decidedly reduced when they decide to engage the services of an offshore call center. There are multiple benefits that can be realized when outsourcing your call center activities. Philippine call center outsourcing has become a worldwide business trend with companies from every continent taking advantage of a multitude of benefits to ensure their business success.

Benefits of call center offshore outsourcing include:

  • Reduced costs- Save up to 80% on costs. OBP offers complete office set up
  • Dedicated team leaders- OBP team leaders receive advanced training to manage a wide variety of processes
  • Elimination and delegation of staffing issues- OBP will interview, hire, train and manage your offshore team.
  • 24/7 call center operation- Round the clock superior customer care.
  • Language proficiency- Establish and maintain multicultural relations with your multilingual staff.
  • Access to the very latest technology- OBP offers superior IT support utilizing VOIP, emails, web chat and cloud-based applications.
  • Data security- Confidentiality is assured.
  • Increased opportunity for customer retention

It is natural to harbour language concerns when considering to engage an offshore call center service provider. However, OBP's entire team of Australian and Filipino industry experts, have perfect language and communication skills that will put your fears to rest. Call us today to speak to one of our representatives.

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Low Costs and Increased Conversion Rate

India and China may be considered as the top two BPO countries offering the lowest rates, but taking into consideration the above mentioned offshoring advantages, it remains clear that offshoring to the Philippines remains the best choice.

Highly Skilled and Available Workforce

Generally, there are six (6) basic skills which are required from any aspiring remote staff professional. These include: critical thinking skills, agility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, collaboration across networks, accessing and analysing information and effective oral, written, multimedia and multilingual communication skills

Cultural Compatibility

The country's cultural affinity with Western customs and traditions and its strategic geographical location has made it the most ideal offshoring destination in the world.

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